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Balsiger Media Enterprises (BME) operates a media consultancy firm specializing in TV/DVD content production and distribution.  As an executive production and development company, BME can take a project from concept to final distribution.

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David W. Balsiger, LHD

President, CEO
Balsiger Media Consulting

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Dr. Balsiger often speaks at film festivals, TV broadcast trade shows and enter­tainment conferences on such topics as The Business of Show Business: 12 Things You Must Know and Do, The 3-D Revolution and How to Maximize Your Income from Domestic-International Licensing. To have Dr. Balsiger as a speaker, contact (970) 663-3820.

  David W. Balsiger, LHD
David W. Balsiger

President/CEO – Balsiger Media Enterprises

Editorial Director -– Wholistic
Health-Wellness Digest

Former Vice-President–Marketing/ Senior Producer at Grizzly Adams®

* * *

David W. Balsiger has been a successful television producer-director, international rights consultant, advertising executive, publisher and the author of 40 major literary works including 28 nonfiction books (latest books being Abraham Lincoln: Untold Secrets from the Grave [Unpublished], Inspirational Wit and Wisdom from the Internet, The Evidence for Heaven, and Miraculous Messages.

As president/CEO of Balsiger Media Enterprises, he is currently the Editorial Director of Wholistic Health-Wellness DIGEST. For the past three years his company’s specialty has been licensing family-friendly and faith based programming into the domestic and international TV/DVD markets in addition to representing some musicians in the entertainment world.

For 12 years he was the Vice-President of Marketing and Senior Producer at Grizzly Adams® Productions, the producers of 500 family friendly movies, TV specials, and series episodes since 1999—recent TV series include Encounters with the Unexplained (52 shows), Xtreme Mysteries (104 shows), and Ancient Secrets of the Bible (39 shows).

Grizzly Adams® Productions produced family friendly programming for the major TV networks and cable channels. Over 20 years of producing shows, Grizzly Adams has produced more than 1,200 family friendly TV specials, features, series, and episodes for TBN, NBC, CBS, PAX, Discovery, Syfy Channel, The Learning Channel, and other networks worldwide.

His well-known multimillion-copy best selling books (co-authored with the late Charles E. Sellier) In Search of Noah’s Ark (Sunn) and The Lincoln Conspiracy (The American Library) have both been made into major movies of the same titles. The Lincoln Conspiracy was on the New York Times Best Sellers List for 22 weeks and reached the Number Two position. Many of his other books have been made into TV documentaries.

Dr. Balsiger’s books and TV shows have won over 300 national and international awards for journalistic, literary or production excellence. He is listed in 20 achievement directories including eight of the prestigious Marquis library directories—Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America, Who's Who in Advertising, Who's Who in Religion, Who's Who in Entertainment, Who's Who in the Media and Communications, Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World. Balsiger is a graduate of National University in San Diego and is also the recipient of an Honorary Doctoral Degree from Lincoln Memorial University. Contact David Balsiger by email at

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